• Gain clarity. Navigate change. Amplify impact.

    Evaluation and Strategy to Advance Your Mission





  • When your mission is rooted in complex social change, the path forward is often uncertain.


    At Clarity Evaluation Partners we join you to go where the deepest questions and needs take you.

    We use evaluation to discern answers that lead to thriving organizations and communities.


    We work with you to:

    Gain clarity by surfacing data and insights around what is - and is not - working.

    Navigate change by developing a culture of learning to make real-time, informed decisions.

    Amplify impact by co-creating with those closest to the systems you want to change.


    This is evaluation and strategy to advance your mission.

  • What Our Clients Are Saying....


    "Phenomenal work! The process was inclusive and organic yet efficient. We could not have gotten to where we are now without you."

    VP Leadership Development, Healthcare System

    "While we’re walking away with new evaluation methods and illuminating data, our collaboration with Clarity has invited us into a new way of thinking and being in relationship to our work and mission. They are valuable thought partners who are invested in advancing our work in a meaningful way. "

    Program Officer, Local Foundation

    "I finally feel that I can clearly articulate how our daily work links to our ultimate desired impact. The visual model we built provided a roadmap for us to adapt, grow, and pivot strategically. Powerful!"

    Program Director, Non-profit Organization

  • Looking for clarity?

    We accompany teams, organizations, and networks as they answer complex questions.

    Our clients embrace the possibilities of new approaches and different solutions.

    Are you ready to create a path to deeper understanding and impact?

    We are ready to work with you!

    Contact us to schedule a 30-minute introduction.

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