• Sample Projects from Previous Clients

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    Merging organizations and identities

    Two healthcare systems were merging, each with its own distinctive set of values and different cultural sensibilities, into one larger system with a new, shared identity. Utilizing input from front-line workers to C-suite executives, we surfaced what people considered key attitudes and behaviors that would embody their new, shared mission. The results were used to create leadership development programming that would embody the new health system’s emerging identity, rooted in its new mission statement.

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    Anchoring a learning cohort in evaluation practices

    We were invited to facilitate a two-year learning cohort for community service programs seeking to shift from an outdated, charity-based model of service to a new model designed to address structural injustice. We consulted with and mentored each cohort member as they devised ways of transforming their old program models into new, justice-oriented and community-centered approaches. We evaluated the pilot programs they co-developed with their communities and stakeholders, then shared the learnings broadly to help advance the field.

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    Articulating a new program area's approach

    A small, place-based foundation created a new program area to deepen its investments in equitable health and safety strategies in a neighborhood it had served for over ten years. The program officer wanted to center the voices and input of the community in funding decisions and he wanted to be able to more clearly communicate his rationale to foundation leadership as well as community members. Through a structured series of conversations with the program officer, we co-created a visual map that clearly identified and articulated the key elements of his approach. The program officer then worked with an artist to create an infographic to make his community-centered approach accessible to many stakeholders. This became the centerpiece of the program officer's strategy to communicate and advance this program area.