• Our Services

    Co-create solutions with people and communities important to you.


    Our commitment to high quality evaluation methods propels effective, impactful strategy. We use a variety of methods to help our clients gather reliable, credible qualitative and quantitative data to generate insights.

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    Evaluation Advising + Planning

    We partner with you to explore a range of possibilities, including specific interventions or comprehensive evaluation frameworks, depending on your needs.
    • Individual and team advising to discuss your challenges and how an evaluative approach might bring clarity and capacity to chart a course forward.
    • Customized suggestions that account for the developmental stage of your program or project, organizational culture, and the particular communities that shape your work.
    • Individual and team skill-building in evaluative thinking
    • Deep listening, rooted in a wealth of experience and grounded in a spirit of curiosity
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    Full-Service Evaluation

    We draw upon systems and developmental approaches and data-informed decision making to answer complex questions. Projects may include:
    • Systems-based approaches including stakeholder analysis and program lifecycle review
    • Visual modeling to envision outcomes and measure progress
    • Concept mapping to clarify key concepts and find common ground among stakeholders
    • Image-based strategies to surface new insights and articulate fresh understanding
    • Customized evaluation tools to continually gather and utilize credible, approachable, relevant data
    • On-going support as your project unfolds and flexibility to adjust the evaluation approach as needed