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    Christine Baker

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    Christine is a life-long observer and explorer. She found a natural place to nurture these qualities by studying art history, where listening to many stories about what we see leads to deeper understanding of the world around us. Her professional experiences in the arts, K-12 education, and philanthropy are grounded in using these qualities of observation and exploration to shape systems and ideas with diverse teams. Christine brings a spirit of curiosity and love of learning to her evaluation practice; she holds degrees in art history and theory from Northwestern University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and she earned her PhD in urban education from Cleveland State University.


    Christine seeks to transform evaluation practices by building community with others committed to expanding our ways of knowing through multiple voices, perspectives, and sources. She was involved with the Equitable Evaluation Initiative from 2019-2023 where she joined a network of philanthropic evaluation practitioners ready to break through entrenched practices and mindsets that have not lead to meaningful social change over time. She uses this experience to accompany clients as they think about their work and impact differently. Christine lives in Cleveland, Ohio, where she owns a mindful photography studio and enjoys hiking, kayaking, and experiencing the changing seasons.

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    Kathryn Racine

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    Kathryn’s professional and personal pursuits have taken her far and wide. While she has spent about half of her career in conventional settings—higher education and values-based leadership development—she has spent just as much time navigating terrain “outside of the box.” She taught in rural Japan for three years, spent a year bicycling across Eurasia, accompanied victims of human trafficking as they rebuilt their lives in Thailand, and launched an innovative, sustainable urban delivery
    service in the Pacific Northwest. She grounds her work and presence in contemplative spiritual practices; she holds an M.Div. from the Graduate Theological Union and an undergraduate degree in neuroscience from Bowdoin College.


    Kathryn relishes helping communities and organizations navigate complexity and change. She was mentored by evaluation experts at Cornell University in inclusive, systems-based measurement, evaluation, and learning methodologies that center community voice and iterative learning. Since 2018 she has been drawing on her gifts and experience--her scientifically trained mind, deep listening capacity, strategic acumen, and evocative coaching--to support clients’ impact and contributions to the common good. She feels privileged to live in Portland, Maine at the confluence of river and ocean where she enjoys hiking, exploring the waterways of southern Maine, gardening, and cooking for friends and family.